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HypeCaps case study by Thertel Design.



Level Up: How intentional design fosters brand loyalty and resonates with gamers, bridging the gap between brand values and consumer connection.


HypeCaps is a retailer based in Denmark selling keycaps, mousepads and other gaming accessories to enable gamers to assemble a personalized and high-quality computer setup. Through their e-commerce store, HypeCaps has worked to empower gamers since the second quarter of 2022.


Being a startup in the gaming industry, the client needed to find their customers in a competitive market. I had the opportunity to build the client a strong brand identity to reach its target audience and speak its values to the right consumers.

Visual identity design

Logo design


The values the logo had to visualize and represent were reasonably straightforward; gaming, youth and custom-built. The values and target audience had been at the centre of the brainstorming and sketching phase.

Logo version for dark backgrounds

Logo version for coloured and white backgrounds

A lively, almost breathing logo captures the dynamic and vibrant essence of gaming culture. It not only reflects the energetic and engaging nature of gameplay but also establishes a memorable and visually stimulating brand identity, fostering a stronger connection with the target audience of avid gamers and enthusiasts.


“Noah has always been a reliable designer. He came up with lots of ideas and sketches during the two projects I worked with him on. Whenever I would message him about the project’s progress, he quickly wrote back and always had time to hop on a call. I can only recommend him.”

Jakob Hauritz

CEO of HypeCaps®


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